Batman: A Brief History


I have chosen to focus my study on the history of the comic-book superhero Batman, specifically examining the major figures that have led to the development of Batman as a character and his public perception over time, what each have contributed to him. Three major figures that are looked at are Bill Finger and Bob Kane, the writer and artist of the first Batman comics respectively, and Kevin Conroy, Batman’s original voice actor in animated series Batman: The Animated Series, whose portrayal of Bruce Wayne both earned widespread acclaim and is arguably the most well-known depiction of the character.

Visualisation One: The Timeline

The timeline as encoded below provides a brief overview of Batman’s history, from his two creator’s birth, the establishment of DC and Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics. The timeline includes both creators’ dates of birth and information on their contributions to Batman as a character, such as Finger’s giving him his characterisation, and Kane’s initial design of Batman lacking his original grey and blue/black colour-scheme, instead being largely red, alongside how Finger was originally denied creator rights (McMillian). Furthermore, it notes both the live-action Batman tv show, starring Adam West, and the series Batman: The Animated Series, featuring the voice talents of the late Kevin Conroy.

Visualisation Two: Juxtapose

The Juxtapose as encoded below depicts a recreation of Batman’s original design as envisioned by Bob Kane, alongside the more modern design used as the basis for contemporary Batman media such as Batman: The Animated Series. The Juxtapose showcases how vastly Batman has changed from his original concept. Note the difference between the left/’modern’ image, which showcases Batman with his more recognisable atmosphere and lighting, while the right/’older’ image is more akin to the Silver Age of Comics and its’ more tongue in cheek and comedic tone. This also helps to capture Bill Finger’s additions to the character, compared to his original design by Kane (Kane).

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